Missions is at the heart of Abundant Life.  We love hearing about how our missionary partners are serving and leading people to Jesus.  Through your giving, we are supporting 50 missionaries and organizations across the world.

Panama Child Sponsor

We support 160 students at two schools in Soloy and Duima, Panama.  Students from preschool to sixth grade receive food, supplies, and a Christian education.  Your sponsorship is so important to the lives of these little ones.  Sponsor a child for as little as $20 a month! Fill out the form below to start today!

Local Missions

We also support The Salvation Army, Convoy of Hope, One Day to Feed the World, Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, Speed the Light, Community Hope Center, Thrive, & All God's Children Shall Have Shoes. 

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Assemblies of God World Missions

Sponsor a Child

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Abundant Life currently sponsors 160 of the 400 kids at the 2 schools in Soloy and Duima, Panama. Your donation of $20 a month helps a child get food, supplies, and a Christian education. 

Panama Child Sponsor

We are unable to provide names and pictures of the children this year due to the pandemic. There are 400 children that are enrolled in the two schools that we support in Panama. Every dollar will help the students get food, supplies, and a Christian education.



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2020 Panama Missions Team

We sent a team of hardworking individuals to Soloy, Panama for 8 days of food distribution, evangelism, and dental clinic.  They saw hundreds of people baptized, gave thousands of bags of food to hungry families and made a lasting kingdom impact on hundreds of people.


We are blessed to partner with so many great missionary and ministry partners around the world.  Your support makes this possible.  Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge provides resources for missionaries around the world and Speed the Light is our partner that works with youth to bring vehicles and equipment to our missionaries.

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