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Samuel Maddux

Sam and Stephanie were born on the same day, November 12, 1979, half way around the world from each other.  Stephanie was born in Thomaston, GA, while Sam was born in Hong Kong.  When Sam was 2 years old he moved to Thailand with his family who were Missionaries. Sam's father, Ron, was one of the most successful church planters the Assemblies of God in Thailand has ever had, planting more than a dozen churches.  When Sam was 18 years old he return to America to go to Ministry school where he met Stephanie in the fall of 2000. After they were married in 2002 they spent one year as missionary interns in the Philippines before God directed them back to Thailand.

 Sam and Stephanie have served as church planters in Thailand since 2005.  The have helped support new churches in the Bangkok area, and they were the lead church planters for a brand new work in Southern Thailand in the city of Ranong in 2011.

Sam and Stephanie have 3 children Milania, Eliana, and Isabella. Their 2 oldest daughters were born in Thailand.

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